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The West Cal Real Estate Team - Home Buyer Plan

1. Determine Your Why

Why are you planning a move?  Are you ready to stop renting and buy your first home? Are you ready to move up to a larger home that better fits your current needs? Are you looking to downsize from the home your currently own?  

Whatever your reason is determining why you have decided to buy a new home is the most important factor that will drive your new home search. 

2. Select a Location

Do you know where you are moving to?  Determining a location for your home search is just as important as determining why you are making a move.  

What is the most important to you about the location of your new home? 

  • Distance to highway and public transportation 
  • School District/Child Care Options
  • Commute times and distances to your job/school
  • Shopping/Dining/Entertainment options
  • Outdoor Activties Available
  • Community Activities Available
  • Price ranges for each community

3. Identify Your Price Range

How did you arrive at your price?  Have you spoken to a lender to help you determine what type and size of loan you would qualify for? 

4. What type of home are you looking for?  How big, how many bedrooms, how do you use your home?  What is the most imortant to you about your new home? 

  • Do you host parties and family get togethers? 
  • Do you love to cook? 
  • Do you love to garden?  
  • Do you have pets? 

Consider what you love or dislike about your current home this is often a great place to start. 

5. Make a list of all of your Questions and Concerns.  

6.  Schedule a consultation with our team in order to complete your Home Buyer Plan. 

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 Whether you are a first time buyer or an experienced investor we are committed to answering any questions you might have.  ​

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